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Big data is changing the underwriting industry forever. If you would like to talk to us about the future of the underwriting industry, send us an email at press@zestfinance.com.

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What Douglas is Saying

“We feel like all data is credit data. More data is better.”

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What we're saying

ZestFinance Extends Family Leave Policy


Also achieves diversity goals

More »

ZestFinance Secures $150M from Fortress


Will accelerate growth of Basix Loans.

More »

ZestFinance Earns Five Awards This Year


With accolades for growth, culture, and contributions to FinTech industry.

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Committing to Gender Parity and Minority Hiring


Part of First-Ever White House Demo Day.

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ZestFinance Launches Basix Loans


Basix will serve middle-class Americans overlooked by banks.

More »

Expanding Credit in China with JD.com


New joint venture will provide credit risk evaluation services to lenders in China.

More »

Big Data Model for Collections Scoring


Increases collections results using 30% fewer resources.

More »

ZestFinance Closes $20 Million in Funding


Latest round will be used to fund growth in credit underwriting.

More »

Top 100 Technology Startup


Red Herring recognizes ZestFinance for its innovation in credit underwriting.

More »

Ernst & Young Semifinalist


Entrepreneur of the year program recognizes excellence in innovation and financial performance.

More »

Fast Company: Most Innovative in Big Data


Fast Company honors the top 10 most innovative companies in big data.

More »

90% Increase in Repayment Rates


New underwriting model drastically improves repayment rates.

More »

ZestCash Becomes ZestFinance


ZestFinance opens its underwriting technology to other lenders.

More »

Launch: New Credit Decisioning Infrastructure


New underwriting models extend credit to 25% more Americans and increase repayment by 20%.

More »

ZestCash Raises $73 Million Series B


New capital will fund company growth and innovation in underwriting.

More »

ZestCash Secures $19 Million Series A


Funding will support corporate growth and product expansion.

More »