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What We Do

For the past 40 years, traditional lenders have used virtually the same underwriting methods to decide whether to offer credit. These methods assume that it’s hard to get a lot of data, it’s expensive to store it, and nearly impossible to use huge volumes of data.

The era of big data has changed all that.
“ZestFinance underwriting models offer a 40% improvement over the current, best-in-class industry score.”

Google-style machine learning meets Capital One-style credit scoring

Traditionally, underwriting has used a handful of variables. ZestFinance takes an entirely different approach to underwriting using machine learning and large-scale big data analysis.

With a team of some of the world’s best data scientists from Google and lending experts from Capital One, ZestFinance analyzes thousands of potential credit variables – everything from financial information to technology usage – to better assess factors like the potential for fraud, the risk of default, and the viability of a long-term customer relationship.

Higher approval rates, lower default

Our big data underwriting model provides a 40% improvement over the current best-in-class industry score. That translates into more accurate credit decisions, which leads to increased credit availability for borrowers and higher repayment rates for lenders.

This new approach to underwriting will enable lenders to expand their customer base, take business from their competitors, and better serve existing borrowers – without affecting their default rate. Alternatively, lenders can use our model to lower default rates while maintaining a particular approval rate, limiting losses and significantly improving returns.

Bottom line: big data underwriting will save you money. Lots of it.

We Can Help You

ZestFinance helps lenders in all credit segments better assess the credit risk of potential borrowers. Our technology can supplement or replace an organization’s current underwriting algorithms. With a proven, transparent method to help lenders measure the impact of our underwriting platform against current models, we can also help you assess results in advance.

To learn more about how our underwriting model can dramatically improve your credit scoring, get in touch with our big data experts at partner@zestfinance.com.