Transform your Auto Lending with ZAML

ZAML software lets you put advanced machine learning models into production quickly to improve your ability to segment good credit risks from the bad.
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Ford Motor Credit partnered with Zest for a study on the effectiveness of measuring machine learning for predicting risk in auto financing.

“The study showed improved predictive power, which holds promise for more approvals, enhanced customer experiences and even stronger business performance, including lower credit losses.”

Joy Falotico | Chairman and CEO, Ford Credit

Prestige Financial Services and ZAML

Growth in lending volume

Increase in new applicants with no impact on portfolio risk

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"I feel the most important decision that we have made to affect the future growth of the company is partnering with Zest. Zest helps lenders like us build better models of predictability that will help us win.” 

Bryant Henrie | President,  Prestige & Total Care Auto


Reduce your risk 

ZAML helps you build models with much higher precision so you can eliminate bad borrowers and slash charge-off rates while keeping approvals steady.

Don't get tricked by snake oil AI explainability.
explanations are consistent, accurate, and fast.


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Build a bigger business

When you can offer faster approvals with better pricing, your dealer-customers are more likely to send applicants your way.  

One ZAML customer doubled its loan volume with no increase in risk. Higher approvals are driving more business.


Cut losses

Reduce losses and default rates by 20% or more

Increase approvals

Expand into new markets and win more customers

Price and assess risk better

Analyze the creditworthiness of each borrower with more predictability

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