Model with confidence. Grow your business. Reduce your losses.

Find lucrative new customers with ZAML® software

Expand your customer base safely

Models you build with ZAML let you score businesses with higher accuracy with the data you already have. Build lifetime loyalty from a valuable new base of customers with an injection of machine learning into your credit scoring process.

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Don't get tricked by snake oil AI explainability.
ZAML explanations are consistent, accurate and fast. Find out why.
Expand your customer base safely

Cross-sell and upsell with confidence

Maximize the value of the data you already have (and have yet to access) with ML models that can handle all kinds of data. Our explainability tools help you assess the value of adding new data to your model.


Cross-sell and upsell with confidence

Automate more of your underwriting process

ZAML models can train on and improve your customer LTV, collections, re-targeting. Get reliable, explainable decisions in seconds with full compliance and transparency.

Automate your underwriting process


Reduce losses

ZAML customers see average loss reduction of 30%

Find more deserving borrowers

ZAML customers see average approval rates grow by 15% with no added risk

Price more competitively

Machine learning models provide more accurate risk signals so you can extend more attractive offers across all risk segments

Empower your team

ZAML automates all the model risk management work, so your data team can focus on modeling.

Transition seamlessly

Build advanced models with more of your hard-earned data and the systems you already use

Explore infinite possibilities

Use ZAML to build machine learning models for underwriting, MRM, marketing, and more

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