Consumer Lending

ZAML® software and tools let you put advanced machine learning models into production quickly to improve your ability to segment good credit risks from bad.

Reach New Customers

It’s harder than ever for lenders to grow their business. The growth out there is in the thin- or no-file consumers: millennials, immigrants, and young adults entering the workforce. Our machine learning models are better at accurately assessing these overlooked customers.

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Reach new customers

Reduce Your Risk

ZAML tools help you build models with much higher precision so you can eliminate bad borrowers and slash charge-off rates while keeping approvals steady.


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Don't get tricked by snake oil AI explainability.


ZAML explanations are consistent, accurate and fast. Find out why.
Reduce your risk

Cross-Sell More Effectively

With ZAML, you can responsibly add new customer segments to your lending programs by accurately monitoring credit risk in segments that confound traditional scoring methods.

Cross-Sell More Effectively


Cut losses

Reduce losses and default rates for riskier segments by 20% or more

Increase approvals

Expand into previously untapped markets

Price and assess risk better

Analyze the creditworthiness of each borrower with more predictability than ever before

Empower your team

ZAML automates all the model risk management work, so your data team can focus on modeling.

Transition seamlessly

Build ZAML models on the systems you already use

Explore infinite possibilities

Use ZAML to build machine learning models for underwriting, MRM, marketing, and much more

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Zest worked with a major European bank to build a personal loans credit model that identified $500 million in credit expansion in the first year. Find out how we can transform your business, too.