Reduce risk. Use more data. Price with precision.

ZAML® explainable AI lets you quickly deploy advanced risk models to drive higher underwriting profits with less risk.

Reduce risk

ZAML models let you better classify risk among new applicants and reach new customers who were hard to assess with traditional models.

Reduce Risk

Use more of your data

ZAML models harness thousands of variables at once to achieve better predictive power. You can use more of the data you already have and tap into new sources previously unavailable with traditional modeling.


Use more of your data

Price with precision

ZAML tools help you more accurately price risk while satisfying all explainability and compliance requirements, so you can drive higher underwriting profits with less risk.

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Don't get tricked by snake oil AI explainability.
ZAML explanations are consistent, accurate and fast. Find out why.
Price with precision


Cut losses

Reduce losses and default rates for riskier segments by 30%

Find more deserving customers

Expand into previously untapped markets

Price and assess risk better

Get more predictive power than ever before across your risk categories

Empower your team

ZAML automates all the model risk management work, so your data team can focus on modeling.

Transition seamlessly

Build ZAML models with your hard-earned data and the systems you already use

Explore infinite possibilities

Use ZAML to build machine learning models for MRM, marketing, and more

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