Transform Your Mortgage Lending with ZAML

ZAML® models give you an edge in underwriting non-conforming and non-QM mortgages. Identify good borrowers that other lenders have overlooked.
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Expand Your Market

ZAML models give you a better ability to segment customers, so you can approve more good borrowers without added risk.

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Reduce Credit Risk

By looking beyond traditional credit scores, you can identify borrowers who pose too much risk for your portfolio.

No Black Boxes Here

ZAML tools excel at optimizing your pricing across the risk spectrum, so you can deliver great offers to deserving borrowers in full compliance with all underwriting and fair lending laws.

Don't get tricked by snake oil AI explainability.
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Cut losses

Reduce losses and default rates by 20% or more

Find more good customers

Increase approvals by 15% or more

Price and assess risk better

Stay ahead of other lenders with the most competitive offers

Win the ML Adoption Race 

A recent Fannie Mae survey of 184 mortgage lenders found that many financial institutions will broadly roll out AI/ML solutions in the next 2 years.

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