Win new customers. Predict long-term value. Reduce churn.

ZAML® solutions will help you use more of your own data to identify and win the most profitable consumers and businesses.

Expand your market share.

Win customers with better targeted plans and media bundles. ZAML models use more data and better math to match consumers with the right offering.

Expand your market share

Model for customer lifetime value

ZAML models can set targets based on maximizing the lifetime value and usage of your most valuable family plan or business customers.


Model for customer lifetime value

Reduce credit losses and churn

Investing in state-of-the-art underwriting can reduce churn. Better credit performance can free up cash for strategic initiatives such as 5G.

Reduce credit losses and churn


Cut losses

Reduce losses and default rates for riskier segments by 30%

Increase approvals

Expand into previously untapped markets

Price and assess risk better

Analyze the creditworthiness of each customer more accurately than before

Empower your team

ZAML automates model risk management so your modelers can focus on modeling

Transition seamlessly

Build ZAML models with your hard-earned data and the systems you already use

Explore infinite possibilities

ZAML works across all credit domains -- anywhere you need to make high-stakes decisions and predictions.

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