It's Zest Automated Machine Learning, and it will transform your underwriting through the power of ML.

ZAML® is the only machine learning credit and risk modeling solution with end-to-end explainability. It's fast, powerful, and compliant.

Take better advantage of the data you already have. 

ZAML tools allow your model to combine thousands of variables for deeper insights. They are platform-agnostic and work on-premise or in the cloud.

No more black boxes.

Comprehensively understand your model. Our explainability tools allow you to validate, interpret and document the reasoning behind your model's credit decisions.

Find more good customers and fewer bad ones.

ZAML tools allow you to add more creditworthy borrowers while maintaining your risk profile. That helps you more sustainably and profitably grow your loan book.


We work with lenders in two ways:

Zesty-46ZAML Platinum 

The most comprehensive set of machine learning tools for underwriting. Also available as a professionally managed service.


Zesty-47ZAML Silver

The world’s first and only turnkey machine learning underwriting solution. For lenders of all sizes.


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