Introducing ZAML™

Zest Automated Machine Learning

Approve borrowers that other lenders are missing

Most traditional underwriting systems use fewer than 50 data points for credit decisions. The Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) platform is an end-to-end underwriting solution that allows you to take advantage of machine learning and thousands of data points, at scale, and with speed and full transparency. With ZAML, you can more accurately assess thin-file and no-file borrowers——such as millennials——that traditional underwriting systems overlook.

Transform your underwriting with machine learning

Since 2009, ZestFinance has been developing and refining its underwriting platform as it provided credit scores for hundreds of millions of prospective borrowers worldwide. Now, with ZAML, we’re offering our end-to-end technology platform and underwriting expertise to financial firms around the world.

Data Assimilation logoData

Rapidly discover, acquire, and onboard data sources at a massive scale.

Modeling Tools logoModeling

Train, ensemble, and productionalize machine learning models in one streamlined workflow.

Modeling Explainability logoModeling Explainability

Unpack the “black box” of machine learning models to clearly communicate economic value and support compliance.

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